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28 august 2023Signal processing and, in particular, the estimation of spacetime function in conjunction with localisation are the focus of doctoral student Martin Ptáček's research at FEEC BUT. Through statistical
19 july 2023This year, the Student Entrepreneurship Award of BUT (Brno University of Technology) went to Pavel Šafl, a student of the FEEC (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication). He found that prim
26 may 2023With her own brand of cosmetics Wikarska Monika Wikarská from the Faculty of Chemistry at BUT took second place in the competition Let's do business. Although the doctoral student has been making crea
18 may 2022A doctoral student Stevan Gavranović from the Faculty of Chemistry at the BUT is working on halide perovskites. Specifically, his project, for which he also received a scholarship within the Brno Ph.D