Ideas and discoveries

14 aprilA set of elements made of special materials and electronics can turn an ordinary track into a "smart" one in a few tens of minutes. The joint project of the Czech companies ALIS Tech, Railway Inspecti
13 marchCzech architects also lent a helping hand after the devastating tornado in Moravia in 2021. A graduate of the BUT Faculty of Architecture and founder of YUAR architects, Lukáš Janáč approached colleag
27 februaryAfter two years of work, doctoral students from BUT managed to complete a test "mini-satellite", the so-called Cubesat. Part of the development was also the search for the mission for which the device
24 februaryOn the desk of Swiss student Victory Jaques lie carefully preserved hundred-year-old samples of various paintings. For example, she is currently researching the materials used by the famous Italian Re
13 februaryAre we sorting enough? How many recyclable materials needlessly end up in black bins? And above all, how much waste will residents and companies in the Czech Republic produce in the coming years? Expe
29 december 2022Darina Čejková's team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering FEEC BUT investigates how genes causing antibiotic resistance are transmitted. Specifically, the researchers are interested in the i