17 december 2022Dominik KlementIt will be about a year since I boarded a plane to Nebraska at the Prague airport. But the journey itself began long before that. Since my first year I knew that I wanted to travel during my studies, ideally to Switzerland, Germany or America. And it was to the USA that I managed to get.In January, I learned about the Paul Robitschek Scholarship, which allows a few Czech and Slovak students to travel to America for two semesters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in Nebraska. The scholarship covers all expenses including airfare, room and board and is only for Czech and Slovak students. It is paid for by the fund of Paul Robitschek, a Czech emigrant of Jewish origin who fled to America during World War II. There he prospered and became rich, and to give other Czechs and Slovaks the opportunity to study where he had succeeded, he donated his fortune to the University of Nebraska. {{foto|IMG_2977o_2.jpg|775}}If you want to receive a scholarship, you must send your application a
13 february 2020Michal JurkoJanuary has always been one of my favourite months, mainly because it was all about mountains and skiing. I still like it the same, but unfortunately winter fun has been replaced by school ones. This year, too, I had to exchange skiing for browsing, but I still managed to enjoy the mountains at least a little during the weekend trip to Salzburg. Between writing the diploma, finishing the exams and everything else, an offer from a classmate who is in Salzburg on Erasmus was literally a release from the boring reality. And since all of us in the group (just like almost every student) are lovers of low-cost travel, all we had to do was get a car, sleeping bags and we set off. Four hours of travel and suddenly we were in another world. There were mountains everywhere, sometimes there was a lake and a straight highway, in a nutshell, the promised land. After being greeted by Roman, who was waiting for us in Salzburg, we had a moment to marvel at the Austrian student dormitories and immedia
27 january 2020Tomáš SkřivánekIn the summer semester of the fourth year, I learned firsthand why Erasmus+ is such a great opportunity to enrich your studies with unforgettable experiences. I had the opportunity to watch and experience the arrival of spring and the gradual disappearance of snow from the tops of the adjacent mountains in the wonderful Austrian Salzburg. The idea of going out had been on my mind for a long time, but I kept postponing the decision because of paperwork and a certain comfort that one has to sacrifice. However, in retrospect it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was enough to submit an application, fill out a few forms, secure accommodation and, in my case, send a portfolio with a motivation letter to the school. Some time later, I was already sitting on the train to Salzburg with the exciting feeling that something completely new was waiting for me. And also, that it about was waiting. In the very first week, during the Welcome Week, I met a lot of new people (Erasmians) from all over the