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28 aprilFrom rugby to bobsleigh. This is how David Bureš's rather unconventional sports career could be described in a nutshell, which included, for example, swimming, takewon-do or badminton. He even played
16 februaryŽufánek, Rudolf Jelínek and Hendrick' s. Moravia Glassworks in remote Úsobrno are the smallest glassworks of their type in the world. Nevertheless, bottles for the most famous global and domestic dist
11 februarySaying that science and technology are only for men is just a prejudice. At the Brno University of Technology in, you will find a total of 621 women who are indispensable for science and technology. O
29 october 2022Minutes play a role in a cerebrovascular accident - the faster a person gets to the hospital, the lower the risk of death or permanent consequences. Eliška Nováková was taken to the operation hall onl
30 june 2022Student Ema Záňová definitely does not worry about the boxes "for girls" and "for boys". She just does what she enjoys. This season, she was the first woman in the Czech Republic to lead the student f