28 april 2023From rugby to bobsleigh. This is how David Bureš's rather unconventional sports career could be described in a nutshell, which included, for example, swimming, takewon-do or badminton. He even played
17 january 2023Those who want a bachelor's degree must write and defend the final thesis. You will not get an exception even if you boast with five world champion titles. Lukáš Záhorský, the world champion in motosu
8 october 2022Although the racing season normally ends at the turn of August and September for triathlete Tomáš Kříž, who is one of the first graduates of the Sports Technology programme at CESA BUT, this year he w
3 may 2022To defeat but not to injure. That is the goal of judokas, including the FME student Vít Škrkoň. A junior national champion, now competing in the men’s under-90-kilogram category, Škrkoň has been invol
30 march 2022The interview with Jakub Mašek, a successful indoor cycling athlete and researcher from the FME (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), was supposed to be mainly about sport, but it turned into a duel. W
15 march 2022Rishat Khaibullin decided to leave his native Kazakhstan at the age of nineteen and study in the Czech Republic, more precisely at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies