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4 september 2023Josef Jančář and his doctoral students from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) participated in the development of a unique range of preparations for
21 july 2023David Bažout from FIT (Faculty of Information Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) is turning classic greenhouses into smart ones. Inspired by his dad's story, he decided to create a system
13 february 2023Are we sorting enough? How many recyclable materials needlessly end up in black bins? And above all, how much waste will residents and companies in the Czech Republic produce in the coming years? Expe
29 december 2022Darina Čejková's team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering FEEC BUT investigates how genes causing antibiotic resistance are transmitted. Specifically, the researchers are interested in the i
27 december 2022BUT to itself. This could be the motto of the bachelor thesis of Lukáš Dobrovolný. A mechatronics student from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has created software that facilitates the work of e
17 october 2022Dextrin adhesive has been used for decades for the industrial production of paper tubes of all kinds – from toilet paper rolls to food packaging to tubes for wrapping films. Its consumption in the Cze