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1 november 2023This black and white paper game combines seemingly disparate elements – gothic architecture and space travel. The tactical board game was so different that people in the Hithit crowdfunding campaign c
2 may 2023T-shirts that cover the back - the TallGuys slogan mentions one of the problems known to tall people who wear regular clothing sizes. Radek Pilař, a 190-centimetre FME graduate of BUT, knows this as w
2 march 2023Oldřich Haičman graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT and originally thought he would work as a designer. The Velvet Revolution and the collapse of the company in which he worked
25 november 2022"In a world of constant visual stimuli and advertisements, the church is supposed to offer undisturbed peace and a place to gather," the architect Marek Štěpán from the BUT Faculty of Architecture exp
29 october 2022Minutes play a role in a cerebrovascular accident - the faster a person gets to the hospital, the lower the risk of death or permanent consequences. Eliška Nováková was taken to the operation hall onl
21 september 2022Karel Masařík sensed the great potential of cooperation between industry and academia already as a student at Erasmus in Germany. He then developed it fully in his doctoral thesis, which decided his f
21 july 2022The first collection of polka dot wallets was designed by Martin Kůs during his studies at the FA (Faculty of Architecture) BUT (Brno University of Technology). They were sold out in just two days. To
13 june 2022Šárka Mikmeková, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, is not an iron, but a “steel lady”. For the native of Třinec, steelmaking seems to have been predestined: she has five years of ex
19 april 2022Originally, Wahab Almuhtadi from Yemen was to be the architect. The Yemeni ambassador offered him a scholarship and the opportunity to study in Czechoslovakia. With one hook. He had to leave architect
10 march 2022In the spirit of the Rangers song, he says that “engineering met him by accident.” Eventually, Marek Scholler found his way into the field, became interested in thermomechanics, which he now does as a