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7 september 2023The goal of the team led by Pavel Šiler from the Faculty of Chemistry of the BUT was to eliminate the negative properties of zinc in cement. They have not only managed to find a possible solution to a
19 april 2023A chemical plant accident, a hit by a dirty bomb or a military attack. A multi-agent system of unmanned drones and ground robots controlled by artificial intelligence will enable quick and detailed hu
7 april 2023The energy network in the Czech Republic is not only extensive, but also very interconnected. Any fluctuation - whether in the form of a malfunction or uneven consumption - can cause more serious dama
9 january 2023In their research, David Brandejs and Pavel Klika from the Institute of Forensic Engineering of BUT deal with what factors influence the value of cultural monuments. Specifically, they were interested
5 january 2023An algorithm processing the soldiers' biosignals could distinguish those at risk of life-threatening situations and in need of immediate rescue. Researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineeri
15 december 2022Bone healing after tumours, for example, could in future be made possible by tissue carriers made of biopolymers created by 3D printing. Researchers from the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the BU
25 october 2022Some species of whales and turtles live to be up to 150 years old. However, their score is several times higher than that of the Greenland shark, which has lived in the cold waters of the North Atlant
25 august 2022Low-paying entry-level positions, irregular income and uncertain workload. In addition, there are high demands on employee mobility and the absence of employment benefits. Working in the creative indu
19 august 2022When different technical disciplines are combined, students of BUT (Brno University of Technology) can “dabble” in medicine. Four doctoral students are focusing on researching the circulatory system b
17 august 2022When information about a new erupting volcano arrived from Iceland on 3 August, geologist Lukáš Krmíček did not wait a minute. He contacted his foreign colleagues and a week later, they were already p
26 july 2022Tiny particles from tyres, clothing and other plastic products are now found in the air, food and water. Researchers from the Institute of Municipal Water Management at FCE BUT are focusing on water.
22 june 2022With summer approaching, most people in large cities look forward to leaving for water, cottages or mountains. And there’s no reason to blame them. Heated squares and radiating housing estates are not
15 june 2022Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), the holy grail of the power industry, circulates in electricity substations sealed in circuit breakers. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and has perfect insulating properties
4 may 2022The Stone Quarter is Brno's most famous workers' colony – it stands out not only for its genius loci and cultural life, but also for its above-average number of university-educated inhabitants. Sofie
28 april 2022Concrete with a carbon admixture that can conduct electricity and heat. This could be a simplified description of the principle of five new grounding materials developed and tested by a team of resear