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7 september 2023The goal of the team led by Pavel Šiler from the Faculty of Chemistry of the BUT was to eliminate the negative properties of zinc in cement. They have not only managed to find a possible solution to a
20 march 2023Jozef Krajčovič from the Institute of Chemistry and Environmental Protection Technology of the Faculty of Chemistry BUT has specialized in organic chemistry and organic synthesis since his student yea
21 february 2023She did not plan a scientific career during her studies, but several fundamental life challenges led her to the day when she was proposed by the BUT scientific council for the appointment of a profess
31 january 2023The cement industry generates up to 8 % of global CO2 production. Experts from the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT are therefore testing a way to reduce the emiss
15 december 2022Bone healing after tumours, for example, could in future be made possible by tissue carriers made of biopolymers created by 3D printing. Researchers from the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the BU
25 october 2022Some species of whales and turtles live to be up to 150 years old. However, their score is several times higher than that of the Greenland shark, which has lived in the cold waters of the North Atlant
26 september 2022Enthusiasm and considerable ambition. That is the way to describe the student team that brings together students from all over BUT under the name of strojLAB. The renewed brand with a completely new c