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27 september 2023Graduates of three BUT faculties came together at 3L Robotics to design the first helipad for drone delivery in the Czech Republic. It should operate on the building I of the campus in Vlněná Street i
1 august 2023Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are among the most important components of the Czech economy. It is important that they are able to keep up with trends and be competitive. Researchers from t
16 february 2023Žufánek, Rudolf Jelínek and Hendrick' s. Moravia Glassworks in remote Úsobrno are the smallest glassworks of their type in the world. Nevertheless, bottles for the most famous global and domestic dist
25 august 2022Low-paying entry-level positions, irregular income and uncertain workload. In addition, there are high demands on employee mobility and the absence of employment benefits. Working in the creative indu