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13 october 2023Martin Pivnička from FEEC (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication) BUT (Brno University of Technology) had a unique opportunity to participate in neuroscience research. As part of the Neu
2 october 2023Rice fields in Pardubice Region or Prague one storey higher – utopia or vision? More than 140 architecture and urban planning students gathered in the spring under the guidance of Dutch architect Winy
13 june 2023Building a bridge led Štěpán Kapsa from FCE BUT to Norway at the beginning of this year. When the opportunity to travel for a work placement abroad through the Erasmus programme arose, he did not hesi
31 march 2023Seventh place in the international competition of twenty-five student teams was won by Chicken Wings from BUT and their Obelix. That's how the students named their latest aircraft, which they designed
9 january 2023In their research, David Brandejs and Pavel Klika from the Institute of Forensic Engineering of BUT deal with what factors influence the value of cultural monuments. Specifically, they were interested
15 december 2022Bone healing after tumours, for example, could in future be made possible by tissue carriers made of biopolymers created by 3D printing. Researchers from the Institute of Materials Chemistry at the BU
26 september 2022Enthusiasm and considerable ambition. That is the way to describe the student team that brings together students from all over BUT under the name of strojLAB. The renewed brand with a completely new c
22 september 2022From design, through construction and production to international competition. Students from the Chicken Wings team can manage all this on their own. Their passion is airplanes, of which they have des
19 august 2022When different technical disciplines are combined, students of BUT (Brno University of Technology) can “dabble” in medicine. Four doctoral students are focusing on researching the circulatory system b
1 march 2022A space where students can come for free to choose materials for their work and to consult about their artistic intentions. It is also a place where companies can donate surpluses that would probably