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7 september 2023The goal of the team led by Pavel Šiler from the Faculty of Chemistry of the BUT was to eliminate the negative properties of zinc in cement. They have not only managed to find a possible solution to a
9 january 2023In their research, David Brandejs and Pavel Klika from the Institute of Forensic Engineering of BUT deal with what factors influence the value of cultural monuments. Specifically, they were interested
17 august 2022When information about a new erupting volcano arrived from Iceland on 3 August, geologist Lukáš Krmíček did not wait a minute. He contacted his foreign colleagues and a week later, they were already p
22 june 2022With summer approaching, most people in large cities look forward to leaving for water, cottages or mountains. And there’s no reason to blame them. Heated squares and radiating housing estates are not
1 march 2022A space where students can come for free to choose materials for their work and to consult about their artistic intentions. It is also a place where companies can donate surpluses that would probably