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22 november 2023Without exaggeration, back pain could be called the most widespread civilization disease. According to current research, non-specific lower back pain may be caused by underused or, on the contrary, ov
25 may 2023The first generation of the ARGO underwater drone is presented at the IDET (International Defence and Security Technologies Fair) by students of the BUT (Brno University of Technology). The strojLAB t
11 may 2023For a fleeting moment, the Moon covers the Sun's disk. Nature falls silent and the world is plunged into darkness... A total solar eclipse is the moment that an international team of mathematicians fr
14 april 2023A set of elements made of special materials and electronics can turn an ordinary track into a "smart" one in a few tens of minutes. The joint project of the Czech companies ALIS Tech, Railway Inspecti
27 february 2023After two years of work, doctoral students from BUT managed to complete a test "mini-satellite", the so-called Cubesat. Part of the development was also the search for the mission for which the device
13 february 2023Are we sorting enough? How many recyclable materials needlessly end up in black bins? And above all, how much waste will residents and companies in the Czech Republic produce in the coming years? Expe
27 december 2022BUT to itself. This could be the motto of the bachelor thesis of Lukáš Dobrovolný. A mechatronics student from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has created software that facilitates the work of e
2 july 2022A unique optical tribometer combining two different measurement methods was created by experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Brno. The contract was procured by a Japanese lubricant dev
26 april 2022To look through an optical fibre thinner than a human hair inside the human brain. This is the ambition of the scientific team, which includes the doctoral student Miroslav Stibůrek from the FME. So f