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21 july 2023David Bažout from FIT (Faculty of Information Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) is turning classic greenhouses into smart ones. Inspired by his dad's story, he decided to create a system
25 may 2023The first generation of the ARGO underwater drone is presented at the IDET (International Defence and Security Technologies Fair) by students of the BUT (Brno University of Technology). The strojLAB t
27 february 2023After two years of work, doctoral students from BUT managed to complete a test "mini-satellite", the so-called Cubesat. Part of the development was also the search for the mission for which the device
23 september 2022To offer psychotherapists systematic feedback on individual therapies and to improve the overall quality of psychotherapeutic care in the Czech Republic – this is the aim of the new application named
6 september 2022When the pilot of the plane prepares to land on the runway, a blinding green beam illuminates the entire cabin. He/she was just hit from the ground by an attacker equipped with a laser. The police reg
7 july 2022Do you like honey? And do you know what it takes to get it to your table? The bees must survive the winter, start collecting nectar in the spring and not freeze. But even warm weather and a strong bee