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22 november 2023Without exaggeration, back pain could be called the most widespread civilization disease. According to current research, non-specific lower back pain may be caused by underused or, on the contrary, ov
30 october 2023Vlastimil Bílek and Lukáš Kalina from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, BUT (Brno University of Technology), focused on the interaction of various organic substances in cemen
23 october 2023Silver, silicon, tin and zinc. Wafers from decommissioned solar panels contain various metals that would be useful to separate or alternatively utilise in new alloys. Until now, however, there has bee
29 december 2022Darina Čejková's team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering FEEC BUT investigates how genes causing antibiotic resistance are transmitted. Specifically, the researchers are interested in the i
1 december 2022To find out the elemental composition of meteorites, to look into the “guts” of industrial products non-invasively, or to examine biological samples – like human bones from archaeological finds. All t
29 november 2022Parkinson's disease first shows symptoms up to 10 years before its visible manifestations. These include, in particular, sleep disturbances accompanied by restlessness. Now, a special bracelet, develo
17 october 2022Dextrin adhesive has been used for decades for the industrial production of paper tubes of all kinds – from toilet paper rolls to food packaging to tubes for wrapping films. Its consumption in the Cze
23 september 2022To offer psychotherapists systematic feedback on individual therapies and to improve the overall quality of psychotherapeutic care in the Czech Republic – this is the aim of the new application named
8 september 2022Handwriting studies is still one of the most important forensic techniques for obtaining evidence. The Institute of Criminalistics therefore approached experts from the FEEC BUT for cooperation, who a
6 september 2022When the pilot of the plane prepares to land on the runway, a blinding green beam illuminates the entire cabin. He/she was just hit from the ground by an attacker equipped with a laser. The police reg
15 august 2022While discussions are going on about whether it is not a relic to illustrate the absorbency of menstrual pads with blue fluid, Ivana Márová and her team from the FCH (Faculty of Chemistry) BUT (Brno U
8 august 2022“Bioplastics are not a miracle material that will save the environment,” explains Jakub Fojt, a doctoral student from FCH (Faculty of Chemistry) BUT (Brno University of Technology). “We have to learn
18 july 2022A new method of brand valuation based on potential market risks may offer an answer. The authors of the new concept of brand valuation, which was published in the prestigious journal Oeconomia Coperni
17 july 2022The energy of the Earth can serve as a renewable source of heat and cold. This is thanks to its year-round stable temperature. This is utilised through energy piles, sometimes called heat-exchanger pi
5 july 2022There are three factors that degrade the driving characteristics of tyres – exposure to chemicals such as acids and salts, wear and tear from driving and the ageing of the material. It is the latter v
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