Papers by the author: Skřivánek Tomáš, Ing.
27 january 2020Tomáš SkřivánekIn the summer semester of the fourth year, I learned firsthand why Erasmus+ is such a great opportunity to enrich your studies with unforgettable experiences. I had the opportunity to watch and experience the arrival of spring and the gradual disappearance of snow from the tops of the adjacent mountains in the wonderful Austrian Salzburg. The idea of going out had been on my mind for a long time, but I kept postponing the decision because of paperwork and a certain comfort that one has to sacrifice. However, in retrospect it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was enough to submit an application, fill out a few forms, secure accommodation and, in my case, send a portfolio with a motivation letter to the school. Some time later, I was already sitting on the train to Salzburg with the exciting feeling that something completely new was waiting for me. And also, that it about was waiting. In the very first week, during the Welcome Week, I met a lot of new people (Erasmians) from all over the