Papers by the author: Jurko Michal, Ing.
13 february 2020Michal JurkoJanuary has always been one of my favourite months, mainly because it was all about mountains and skiing. I still like it the same, but unfortunately winter fun has been replaced by school ones. This year, too, I had to exchange skiing for browsing, but I still managed to enjoy the mountains at least a little during the weekend trip to Salzburg. Between writing the diploma, finishing the exams and everything else, an offer from a classmate who is in Salzburg on Erasmus was literally a release from the boring reality. And since all of us in the group (just like almost every student) are lovers of low-cost travel, all we had to do was get a car, sleeping bags and we set off. Four hours of travel and suddenly we were in another world. There were mountains everywhere, sometimes there was a lake and a straight highway, in a nutshell, the promised land. After being greeted by Roman, who was waiting for us in Salzburg, we had a moment to marvel at the Austrian student dormitories and immedia