Papers by the author: Klement Dominik, Ing.
17 december 2022Dominik KlementIt will be about a year since I boarded a plane to Nebraska at the Prague airport. But the journey itself began long before that. Since my first year I knew that I wanted to travel during my studies, ideally to Switzerland, Germany or America. And it was to the USA that I managed to get.In January, I learned about the Paul Robitschek Scholarship, which allows a few Czech and Slovak students to travel to America for two semesters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in Nebraska. The scholarship covers all expenses including airfare, room and board and is only for Czech and Slovak students. It is paid for by the fund of Paul Robitschek, a Czech emigrant of Jewish origin who fled to America during World War II. There he prospered and became rich, and to give other Czechs and Slovaks the opportunity to study where he had succeeded, he donated his fortune to the University of Nebraska. {{foto|IMG_2977o_2.jpg|775}}If you want to receive a scholarship, you must send your application a