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20 november 2023“Every motorcyclist's view can be the last – especially if it is too short or leads in the wrong direction,” explains motorcyclist and doctoral student Denisa Vaňková from the Institute of Forensic En
16 november 2023One player runs around the field while the other measures his movement with several laser gates. The twins Mirek and Marek Malat have been actively involved in football since they were five years old
16 november 2023Water contaminated with micro-organisms and chemicals is a global problem. Therefore, experts from FME BUT (Brno University of Technology), under the leadership of Pavel Rudolf, have been developing a
13 november 2023Šimon Lipták and David Maroši, graduates of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development programme at the FBM (Faculty of Business and Management) BUT (Brno University of Technology), decided t
10 november 2023Matúš Nosko from the FIT (Faculty of Information Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) focused on wireless sensor network in his bachelor thesis. The fact that he chose the topic of the Inte
9 november 2023Perhaps in a few years the first satellite in the Czech Republic will be in orbit, made by the student group YSpace from the FEEC (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies) BUT
1 november 2023Roman Bolcek from the FA (Faculty of Architecture) BUT (Brno University of Technology) discusses what the great cities of the future could look like. Together with Petr Frantík and Zdeněk Vejpustek, t
10 july 2023Tomáš Dacík from FIT (Faculty of Information Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) focuses on static analysis of programs in his doctoral thesis. It verifies the properties of computer progr
29 october 2022Minutes play a role in a cerebrovascular accident - the faster a person gets to the hospital, the lower the risk of death or permanent consequences. Eliška Nováková was taken to the operation hall onl
14 september 2022Karolína Hájková was not deterred from her dream of helping animals by the fact that, as she puts it, "she has no brain cells for chemistry and biology". Instead, she discovered a talent for design an
23 august 2022Gabriel Andrei Grosu has moved around all his life. From his native Romania, through Greece, Israel and to England, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture. He liked Erasmus in Brno and dec
30 june 2022Student Ema Záňová definitely does not worry about the boxes "for girls" and "for boys". She just does what she enjoys. This season, she was the first woman in the Czech Republic to lead the student f
20 april 2022The student throne has remained vacant for the last two years. In just a few days, however, the candidates of Brno's universities will fight for it as usual. BUT (Brno University of Technology) will b
25 march 2022If this story were a fairy tale, it could be called “How a student of grammar school with a penchant for math and physics found his way to the engineering school and wrote the best bachelor's thesis.”
8 february 2022Not many people have probably heard the word metasurface. Yet we may soon start to encounter it on our mobile phones or in virtual glasses. Thanks to carefully designed nanostructures, it should be po
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