8 February 2023

Jan Šrámek, a successful illustrator and teacher at FFA, created an original gift for the important guests of the BUT

Jan Šrámek | Autor: Jan Prokopius

For representational purposes of the BUT (Brno University of Technology), a high-end print of digital graphics was created, which represents the actions and activities of eleven organizational parts of the BUT. The author is Jan Šrámek, teacher, head of the Video Studio at the FFA (Faculty of Fine Arts) BUT and successful book illustrator.

Brno University of Technology is not only a technically oriented school. It also represents artistic disciplines with excellent results. When looking for ideas for an original gift for important university guests, it was a natural choice to approach the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) and its head Jan Šrámek.

The resulting graphics are based on the innovative digital work of the author. It presents the eleven parts of the university in a fresh way and highlights its disciplinary diversity. On the graphics, the attentive viewer will find, for example, a demonstration of suspension bridge technology representing the Faculty of Civil Engineering, a flight simulator from the Faculty of Information Technology, a clean laboratory from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Restituta from Brno-Lesná for the Faculty of Architecture or the Dragon formula from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Illustration by Jan Šrámek | Autor: Jan Prokopius
Jan Šrámek is a frequently mentioned author who has been successful in the field of book illustration in recent years. He is co-author of Pioneers and Robots and Prague Visions. In collaboration with another graduate of FFA Veronika Vlková, he won an award at the prestigious children's book fair in Bologna for his impressive publication This is the Metro, man! Another important chapter of Jan Šrámek's artistic work is his critical exploration of public space, which focuses on the Czech public's relationship to sculptures and architecture from the socialist period. This topic was the subject of his publications Paneland and Special Circumstances. An interesting feature of his work is that he does not use a drawing tablet. He can get by with common office PC tools like a mouse, keyboard and a trained feel in his hand.

Thanks to the successes of Jan Šrámek and Veronika Vlková, BUT was ranked as the second most successful Czech university in artistic research. It uses the arts as a means of knowledge and earns points for the results that universities present, for example, in international exhibitions, through original texts or performances. Within the BUT, most artistic activities can be found at the FFA and the Faculty of Architecture, but also at some departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Guests from countries such as South Korea, the Sultanate of Oman, Pakistan and Poland have already received the unusual artwork. We believe that it will also delight other guests of the BUT and will remind them of a pleasant and inspiring visit to one of the best universities in the Czech Republic, which offers studies in technical and artistic fields of study at world-class level.


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