15 mayIt is not his dream to be a Nobel laureate, he says he no longer sets goals. He says he is happy and has no regrets, and if an award comes, it will be a pleasant surprise, not the fulfillment of his d
8 december 2023Vinicius Santana, a Brazilian scientist exploring the area right between physics and chemistry, specifically the application of electron spin resonance (ESR), has been part of the Magneto-Optical and
20 november 2023“Every motorcyclist's view can be the last – especially if it is too short or leads in the wrong direction,” explains motorcyclist and doctoral student Denisa Vaňková from the Institute of Forensic En
16 november 2023One player runs around the field while the other measures his movement with several laser gates. The twins Mirek and Marek Malat have been actively involved in football since they were five years old
16 november 2023Water contaminated with micro-organisms and chemicals is a global problem. Therefore, experts from FME BUT (Brno University of Technology), under the leadership of Pavel Rudolf, have been developing a
13 november 2023Šimon Lipták and David Maroši, graduates of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development programme at the FBM (Faculty of Business and Management) BUT (Brno University of Technology), decided t