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3 mayA research team from CEITEC BUT led by Markéta Kaiser participated in an international study to investigate the effect of protein intake on the fetus during pregnancy. The study was conducted on mice,
26 october 2023Text shared by permission of the author (EEA and Norway Grants). The Czech-Icelandic project PROFiBONE presents innovative 3D-printed bone implants designed to meet the specific needs of patients and
4 september 2023Josef Jančář and his doctoral students from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) participated in the development of a unique range of preparations for
30 august 2023He can read computer images. He cuts through them, examines their layers and sees the necessary parameters, which he can write into algorithms to meet the requirements of "customers", whether they be
18 may 2023Martin Kachlík and Jakub Roleček, scientists from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology), have been working on the development of ceramic armour for almo
24 february 2023On the desk of Swiss student Victory Jaques lie carefully preserved hundred-year-old samples of various paintings. For example, she is currently researching the materials used by the famous Italian Re
1 december 2022To find out the elemental composition of meteorites, to look into the “guts” of industrial products non-invasively, or to examine biological samples – like human bones from archaeological finds. All t
21 october 2022He's in physics, she's in chemistry. Each has a different focus, yet their scientific activities have intersected. And it met with success. CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT (Brno
7 april 2022It lives in complete darkness and can survive without food for months. It is completely blind and navigates the darkness using its vibration-sensitive auditory system. However, scientists still know r
23 january 2022The National Centre of Competence for Industrial 3D Printing of Polymeric Materials (NCC), with an emphasis on supporting environmentally and energetically efficient production, will be established at