Ideas and discoveries

3 mayA research team from CEITEC BUT led by Markéta Kaiser participated in an international study to investigate the effect of protein intake on the fetus during pregnancy. The study was conducted on mice,
22 november 2023Without exaggeration, back pain could be called the most widespread civilization disease. According to current research, non-specific lower back pain may be caused by underused or, on the contrary, ov
30 october 2023Vlastimil Bílek and Lukáš Kalina from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, BUT (Brno University of Technology), focused on the interaction of various organic substances in cemen
26 october 2023Text shared by permission of the author (EEA and Norway Grants). The Czech-Icelandic project PROFiBONE presents innovative 3D-printed bone implants designed to meet the specific needs of patients and
23 october 2023Silver, silicon, tin and zinc. Wafers from decommissioned solar panels contain various metals that would be useful to separate or alternatively utilise in new alloys. Until now, however, there has bee
4 september 2023Josef Jančář and his doctoral students from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) BUT (Brno University of Technology) participated in the development of a unique range of preparations for