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9 julyIn contrast to an average Czech student, American students may never leave their country, state, or even their hometown to study internationally. Aiming to change the status quo is electrical engineer
9 november 2023Perhaps in a few years the first satellite in the Czech Republic will be in orbit, made by the student group YSpace from the FEEC (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies) BUT
11 february 2023Saying that science and technology are only for men is just a prejudice. At the Brno University of Technology in, you will find a total of 621 women who are indispensable for science and technology. O
19 april 2022Originally, Wahab Almuhtadi from Yemen was to be the architect. The Yemeni ambassador offered him a scholarship and the opportunity to study in Czechoslovakia. With one hook. He had to leave architect
28 march 2022In the 1990s, he founded an IT company, which today is an international holding Solitea with a turnover of several billion. He employs 1,500 people and his company is behind the creation of systems su