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16 november 2023Water contaminated with micro-organisms and chemicals is a global problem. Therefore, experts from FME BUT (Brno University of Technology), under the leadership of Pavel Rudolf, have been developing a
7 june 2023“I had some idea of what I wanted to do... and then suddenly a hundred and eighty degree turn.” That's how mathematical engineering student Pavel Mikuláček describes a summer camp with people with phy
29 may 2023Matěj Štarha, a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, was among the people who travelled to see this year's solar eclipse in Australia. He was no newcomer to the expedition as he joined So
2 may 2023T-shirts that cover the back - the TallGuys slogan mentions one of the problems known to tall people who wear regular clothing sizes. Radek Pilař, a 190-centimetre FME graduate of BUT, knows this as w
23 march 2023Professor František Pochylý's quick step and sharp eyes will easily confuse you, few would guess that he celebrated his eightieth birthday in December. Nevertheless, this vital colleague from the Depa
14 march 2023Jana Hoderová studied teaching at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, to which she added Mathematical Engineering in the 4th year at the former Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the BUT i
2 march 2023Oldřich Haičman graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT and originally thought he would work as a designer. The Velvet Revolution and the collapse of the company in which he worked
11 february 2023Saying that science and technology are only for men is just a prejudice. At the Brno University of Technology in, you will find a total of 621 women who are indispensable for science and technology. O
9 february 2023Four students of the Higher Technical School and the Secondary Technical School in Žďár nad Sázavou won this year's Česká hlavička, an award supporting talented students in technical and natural scien
22 november 2022How to take control of light and use it to improve the electron beam in electron microscopes? This task set for herself the young scientist Andrea Konečná, who was the only one from BUT to receive the
28 october 2022Dams, clouds, airplanes, animals, waves... This is just a short list of topics on which researcher and teacher Pavel Rudolf illustrates the beauty of hydromechanics. His Facebook profile has over seve
14 september 2022Karolína Hájková was not deterred from her dream of helping animals by the fact that, as she puts it, "she has no brain cells for chemistry and biology". Instead, she discovered a talent for design an
30 june 2022Student Ema Záňová definitely does not worry about the boxes "for girls" and "for boys". She just does what she enjoys. This season, she was the first woman in the Czech Republic to lead the student f
13 june 2022Šárka Mikmeková, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, is not an iron, but a “steel lady”. For the native of Třinec, steelmaking seems to have been predestined: she has five years of ex
20 april 2022The student throne has remained vacant for the last two years. In just a few days, however, the candidates of Brno's universities will fight for it as usual. BUT (Brno University of Technology) will b
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