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15 mayIt is not his dream to be a Nobel laureate, he says he no longer sets goals. He says he is happy and has no regrets, and if an award comes, it will be a pleasant surprise, not the fulfillment of his d
8 december 2023Vinicius Santana, a Brazilian scientist exploring the area right between physics and chemistry, specifically the application of electron spin resonance (ESR), has been part of the Magneto-Optical and
17 october 2023For him, every day is an opportunity to learn something new. The desire to learn is stronger than traveling and visiting historical sites. He says it is enough to see them in a picture. What interests
22 september 2023"Basically, we have the same dilemma as Oppenheimer. Every idea, every tool can be misused. Nowadays, we no longer ask if we can improve humans. We can, and easily. But we must ask whether we should,
12 september 2023Her friends often ask her if they can show her their skin moles. She replies, amused, that she is not a skin doctor, and adds, in a warning tone, that they would not want their skin samples to ever en
21 june 2023Finding an electric motor fault is not always easy. However, new mathematical algorithms with parametric estimation can be used for its effective diagnosis. Lukáš Zezula, a doctoral student from the F
15 june 2023The promising scientist Michaela Vojníková from CEITEC BUT is gaining one success after another. She is harvesting the fruits of her labour quite quickly. Whether in the field of science popularizatio
6 june 2023He has played football for over 30 years, and during his studies also for Brno Zbrojovka. But which team this fan's heart beats for is clear to anyone who comes to his office. The red-and-white mug fr
5 may 2023The Werner von Siemens Prize for third place in the Best Dissertation category and the Award for Excellence in Women's Scientific Work went to Markéta Tesařová from CEITEC Brno University of Technolog
11 february 2023Saying that science and technology are only for men is just a prejudice. At the Brno University of Technology in, you will find a total of 621 women who are indispensable for science and technology. O
22 november 2022How to take control of light and use it to improve the electron beam in electron microscopes? This task set for herself the young scientist Andrea Konečná, who was the only one from BUT to receive the
8 november 2022Always smiling and positive, Azin Shahsavar works in the Molecular Nanostructures on Surfaces research group led by Jan Čechal, Ph.D. She was able to fulfil her professional dream thanks to CEITEC BUT
9 september 2022He turned off the news from Europe for a month and went to help as a volunteer of Brontosaurus in the Himalayas in a small village in Mulbekh, India. He came back refreshed, and with the feeling that
28 june 2022Xia Peng comes from the most populous country in the world. She grew up in a big city in the east of China, in Yancheng. During her master's study, she tried without much hope to write an e-mail to th
8 february 2022Not many people have probably heard the word metasurface. Yet we may soon start to encounter it on our mobile phones or in virtual glasses. Thanks to carefully designed nanostructures, it should be po