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30 october 2023Vlastimil Bílek and Lukáš Kalina from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, BUT (Brno University of Technology), focused on the interaction of various organic substances in cemen
29 december 2022Darina Čejková's team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering FEEC BUT investigates how genes causing antibiotic resistance are transmitted. Specifically, the researchers are interested in the i
15 august 2022While discussions are going on about whether it is not a relic to illustrate the absorbency of menstrual pads with blue fluid, Ivana Márová and her team from the FCH (Faculty of Chemistry) BUT (Brno U
20 june 2022Get rid of mould on the walls with an ordinary aluminium sheet. Miloš Kalousek from the Faculty of Civil Engineering BUT came up with this simple but very effective solution. He has even obtained a pa
22 february 2022A revolution in textiles. This is also how the brand is talked about Nilmore which recently launched a collection of circular clothing. The basic principle is that it takes back the sold goods from cu