20 April 2022

Majáles returns after 2 years, royal candidates from BUT are ready to fight

Jan Bolcek is a 5th year student of Mechatronics | Autor: Jan Prokopius, Jakub Rozboud

The student throne has remained vacant for the last two years. In just a few days, however, the candidates of Brno's universities will fight for it as usual. BUT (Brno University of Technology) will be represented by Jan Bolcek, a final year student from FME (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) BUT, who is also involved in the student organization BEST and is a member of SKAS BUT. For the red, he will be joined by Ema Záňová, a second year student of FBM (Faculty of Business and Management) BUT – the best female athlete of BUT for 2021 and head of the TU Brno Racing student formula.

Why did you decide to stand as King and Queen of the Majáles?

Jan: In 2020 I was elected for BUT, but then due to the pandemic all mass events were cancelled. I would like to finish my candidacy and help revive the tradition of Majáles that has been missing for two years because of the coronavirus. Many young students have not experienced Majáles and that is a pity. And I'll be happy to support our BUT. I learned a lot here and I want to give back.

Ema: Why wouldn't I do it as a proud student of BUT? After all, every woman wants to be a queen, and that comes along with representing our college. Plus, I'm glad we're helping a good cause by selling tickets.

What kind of program have you completed so far?

Jan: A few days ago there was a Maypole building and then a student band contest. We were choosing a band that would get the opportunity to play on the main stage at Majáles. We've already finished the Majáles video, we're preparing the performance and the voting is open. There is also a Royal Beer Pong Party coming up that I would like to invite students to – April 20 at 8 p.m.

Ema: All of these were experiences that one will remember forever. During the Maypole erection, the whole square was already filled with students and residents of the town, creating an amazing atmosphere. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Majáles itself brings.

How confident are you that you'll win?

Jan: If I didn't believe in myself, I wouldn't do it. We have a great royal guard full of smart people and strong support at the school. I believe that together we will be able to defend both crowns. I've known the other candidates for 2 years and I know they won't leave us anything for free. But I firmly believe we can do it.

Ema: I feel confident. Of the candidates for the Queen of Majáles, I probably attract the most attention by doing unusual things and I am quite successful at them. I want to prove here that everything is possible with BUT. But I sense a few drawbacks. I am working in a very difficult project – I am the head of TU Brno Racing, which means I am leading a team of 60 people. It's a dream come true and a big responsibility, but it does have a bit of an impact on student life – I don't always have the opportunity to venture out.

What is it like to be the first woman in the management of TU Brno Racing?

Ema: My job description is no different from the guys before me. Which is great. I manage the project as a whole – I oversee deadlines, document submission, cooperation with partners and finances. We have a great team this season and I hope that under my leadership we will build the best formula-type car that will beat the competition in international races. And we're going back to the top 10 universities in the world.

What kind of people do you think the King and Queen of Majáles should be?

Jan: They should be leaders with a sense of humour and the ability to represent the university. Good organizational skills are invaluable, which are needed at this event not only when leading a crew.

Ema: And also they should be an example of a true student. To show what the university has given them and represent it appropriately. This couple should inspire the desire and enthusiasm to live the student life in all visitors of Majáles and its events. I hope that's how others perceive me and Bolci.

What would you like to use the titles of King and Queen for?

Ema: I would like to show everyone that students of Brno technology have unlimited possibilities for development. One can do whatever one wants, no matter where one is. Two years ago, I had no idea what awaited me at BUT. And now? We're building a student formula that is one of the world's top, I'm on the hockey team for the WHC Valkyries and now I'm going to fight for the crown. Students in our school have many opportunities to move on.

Jan: I would just like to add that we want to donate part of the ticket sales to charity. Every visitor will contribute to a good cause.

Maypole erection on Brno's Liberty Square | Autor: Jan Prokopius, Jakub Rozboud

What are your study or work plans for the future?

Jan: I have my state exams coming up and at the same time I am working part-time at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where I would like to apply for a position as a software developer after graduation. And at the same time I want to continue my doctorate at the FEEC (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication) BUT.

Ema: I study Process Management, which combines subjects from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, economics and process management. So my future work will definitely be in management positions in manufacturing companies. But right after graduation I would definitely like to try to work in high performance motorsport, so I am trying to go there now. After all, who wouldn't want to work in Formula 1?

Do you have something to say to the students of BUT?

Jan: I would like to invite everyone to come to the Majáles parade – from Svoboďák to the exhibition grounds. Sign up on May 7 at 10.30am! The more red there is, the better. And of course, I would ask people to vote for us on the website

Ema: Yeah, right. And my message to BUT students is not to be afraid of challenges and obstacles in the study progress. Today they can innovate at the university, tomorrow they can change the world.


Autor: Eva Rušarová
Autor: Eva Rušarová
Autor: Jan Prokopius, Jakub Rozboud
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